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Our tools are only as good as the ability of our customers to use them. Therefore, we are well equipped to offer support and training to nearly any business location on the planet. Through the links below, you can gain a better understanding of the exciting survey tools that PAI provides.


mTAB™ Support Audithost™ Support
mTABView Support Video Tutorials
PAICSQ Support Information/White Papers
Webinars Upload to PAI


These links not only provide direct access to our knowledgebase, but also to our Video Tutorial section and our Newsletter archive, where you will find copies of all of our newsletters for you to enjoy at your convenience. Our Newsletters give us the opportunity to share product information and market insights with our customers and often contain useful tips to help them work more efficiently.

Should you have any support needs that are not answered by our online resources, then we invite you to let us know directly, by e-mailing your question to