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PAI strives to provide the most complete service possible and below you will find a selection of useful information, along with white papers on specific subjects of particular interest to our customers.

PAI Information

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PAI White Papers
  • Ten Essential Prerequisites for Survey Data Analysis

    While there is broad demand for access to survey data results, a relative few have intimate involvement in shaping the manner of survey administration and the collection of survey data. The availability of easy to use survey analysis software tools promotes the analyst’s ability to “jump right into” an...  Continue Reading
  • Six Key Steps to a Better Understanding of your Survey Results

    Survey data analysis is a savvy investment for businesses interested in gathering information about consumer trends. When gathered and studied correctly, survey data gives your business a competitive edge. At the same time, it’s not enough to simply gather data without statistical methodology used to make a proper analysis or access to established trending/reporting software...  Continue Reading
  • Ten Reasons why the Automotive Industry relies on mTAB® for Survey Analysis

    Automotive industry manufacturers have long relied on survey research programs to understand customer needs, with industry survey programs dating back to the post-WWII period. With one percentage point of market share equating to billions in profit, there is a financial incentive to invest in acquiring survey data as well as tools...  Continue Reading
  • Generating independent sample t-statistics with mTAB® in comparison to SPSS®

    Significance testing using t-statistics is a critical component of the analysis of survey research data. mTAB enables the survey analyst to conveniently perform significance testing including the ability to colorize the results of significantly different observations within mTAB's spreadsheet report view....  Continue Reading