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Training Overview

Training is available to all users no matter what their experience level and to make it easy for you to request the most appropriate class, we have a breakout below of pre-requisites for each class and what we would hope to cover.


Beginning training is intended for people who are new to mTAB™ or have attended a training session before and just need a refresher.


  • No previous mTAB™ experience is required.

Topics covered:

  • Demonstrate navigation in mTAB™ by going through Rows and Columns and explain the difference
  • Illustrate tab saving, loading and the use of New to start fresh
  • Subset
  • Format (including creating your own formats)
  • Sort and TopN to organize the spreadsheet data
  • Export to utilize data outside of mTAB™
  • Filter
  • Recode (both simple and across multiple studies)
  • Layer Question and Layer studies
  • Touch upon use of Format Range and Graphs


Intermediate training is intended for users who have already been to a beginner session and have developed some experience using mTAB™.


  • Understanding of Layer Question
  • Understanding of Filter
  • Understanding of Recode
  • Understanding of Tab Saving/Loading
  • Understanding of Subset
  • Understanding of TopN

Topics covered: 

  • User Defined Questions
  • Apply Selected Questions Subset
  • TopN in Spreadsheet
  • Zero Suppression
  • Threshold
  • Simplified Datasheet
  • Ignore Filter
  • Conditional Format
  • Hide Topics/Questions
  • Change Question Response Order
  • Brief look at Correspondence Charts


Advanced training is intended for users who have already been to a beginner session, have developed some experience using mTAB™ and have attended an intermediate session.


  • Same requirements as Intermediate sessions
  • Some understanding of statistics

Topics covered: 

  • Study/Tab Foldering and organization
  • Spreadsheet Search/Replace
  • Show Filter Detail
  • Text Orientation
  • Use of Verbatim Questions
  • Advanced Verbatim Filtering
  • Slice
  • Chi Square
  • K-Means Cluster Analysis
  • Layers
  • Significance Testing
  • Format Subset remainder
  • Quartile Formats

If you need a training session set up, please contact Mark Lummas for more information.