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All mTAB Support Topics

Title Summary Created date
New Format Styles – Maximum & Minimum New Maximum & Minimum Format Styles 12/01/11
Webinar - Formatting and performing Significance Testing Data formatting and statistical significance 01/31/11
Creating a New Format Style How to create a new format style in mTAB™ 07/20/10
Conditional Formatting An overview of how to use conditional formatting 10/19/09
Conditional Formatting - Auto Legend Automatically creates a legend for the formats 10/13/09
Conditional Formatting - User Defined Benchmark Column Conditional formatting using any col as base col 10/13/09
Format Styles A few helpful format style tips 10/13/09
TopN Colorization Use of color in the TopN Report in mTAB™ 10/06/09
Text Orientation in the Spreadsheet New ways to align text in SS view 09/28/09
Subset Remainder Question Format Subset remainder question format 09/28/09
Quartile Formats Quartile formats 09/28/09