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All mTAB Support Topics

Title Summary Created date
Video - Significance Test Adjacent Columns mTAB™ - Significance Test Adj Columns 07/13/12
Video - Verbatim bi/tri-grams & Porter Stemming Enhanced mTAB™ Verbatim Features 07/13/12
Video - The Addition of Ribbon Menus to mTAB™ mTAB™ - Ribbon Menus 07/13/12
Video - mTAB™ Question Nesting Question Nesting within mTAB™ 07/13/12
Video - mTAB™ Overview of Dec 2011 Release Overview of Dec 2011 mTAB™ Release 07/13/12
Video - mTAB™ Overview of July 2012 Release Overview of July 2012 mTAB™ Release 07/06/12
Webinar - Recoding and Trending across time! Use of recode and how to trend multiple studies 01/31/11
Webinar - Formatting and performing Significance Testing Data formatting and statistical significance 01/31/11
Webinar - Verbatim Reporting Using mTAB to better understand survey responses! 01/31/11
Webinar - Sharpen your analysis with our powerful SS Tools! Time saving tips and spreadsheet tools 01/28/11
Video - mTAB™ Overview Video outlining mTAB™'s Capabilities 07/02/10
Video Tutorial - Graphing in mTAB™ How to use the graphing tool in mTAB™ 05/11/10
Video Tutorial - Significance Testing Using the Significance Testing function 05/11/10
Video Tutorial - Using Sort & TopN Using the Sort & TopN spreadsheet functions 05/11/10
Video Tutorial - Creating a Recode How to create a basic recode 05/11/10
Video Tutorial - Creating a Cross-Tab How to create a basic cross tabulation 05/11/10