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All mTAB Support Topics

Title Summary Created date
Importing New Labels into a Recode Importing New Labels into an mTAB Recode 12/01/11
Webinar - Recoding and Trending across time! Use of recode and how to trend multiple studies 01/31/11
Update New Question Responses In a UDQ Updating a UDQ with red X's 09/07/10
Video Tutorial - Creating a Recode How to create a basic recode 05/11/10
Auto Create Recode Across Selected Studies How to automatically create a multi year recode 02/11/10
Create Recode New Labels from Base Questions Subset Quickly create a recode from a subset question 02/11/10
Recode Auto Map Dialog Auto map recodes 10/06/09
Sorting in the Recode Editor How to Sort New Labels in Recode Editor 09/28/09
Saving a Draft Recode Provides for saving a working version of a recode 09/28/09
Recodes - Auto Map, Parsing Stat Values, Saving Recode Features to Use with Multiple Studies 09/25/09
Enhanced Copy Old To New in Recode Editor Update to Copy Old to New Feature 09/25/09