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All mTAB Support Topics

Title Summary Created date
Significance Testing - Adjacent Columns Significance Testing of Adjacent Columns 07/06/12
Significance Testing - Top/Bottom Box Significance Testing of Top/Bottom Box Formats 07/06/12
Verbatim Report - Bigrams, Trigrams and Porter Stemming Addition of Bi/Tri-grams and Porter Stemming 07/03/12
Verbatim Report – Selected Column Tag Cloud Verbatim Report Tag Cloud of Selected Columns 12/01/11
Verbatim Report – Tag Cloud Frequencies Verbatim Report – Tag Cloud Frequency Report 12/01/11
Verbatim Report – Tag Cloud Breadcrumbs Verbatim Tag Cloud Breadcrumbs 12/01/11
Significance Testing Significance testing - color indicator 12/01/11
Webinar - Formatting and performing Significance Testing Data formatting and statistical significance 01/31/11
Webinar - Verbatim Reporting Using mTAB to better understand survey responses! 01/31/11
Webinar - Sharpen your analysis with our powerful SS Tools! Time saving tips and spreadsheet tools 01/28/11
Video Tutorial - Graphing in mTAB™ How to use the graphing tool in mTAB™ 05/11/10
Video Tutorial - Significance Testing Using the Significance Testing function 05/11/10
Video Tutorial - Using Sort & TopN Using the Sort & TopN spreadsheet functions 05/11/10
Verbatim Tag Clouds View a quick summary of the most popular words 02/11/10
Statistical Formulas Documentation Standard Deviation, Mean & T-Statistic Calculation 02/08/10
Ability to export spreadsheet as XML Export as spreadsheet as XML 01/26/10
Correspondence Analysis What correspondence analysis is and how to use it 10/19/09
Conditional Formatting An overview of how to use conditional formatting 10/19/09
Conditional Formatting - Auto Legend Automatically creates a legend for the formats 10/13/09
Conditional Formatting - User Defined Benchmark Column Conditional formatting using any col as base col 10/13/09
Exporting Spreadsheets to Excel 2007 Tips to use exported SS's with Excel 2007 10/13/09
Calculating Industry Loyalty Various methods for calculating customer loyalty. 10/06/09
Interpreting K-Means Cluster Analysis Metric Knowledge Management Services article. 09/28/09
Simplified Datasheet Simplified Datasheet 09/28/09
Support for URL's in the Spreadsheet Clickable URLs in spreadsheet view 09/28/09
Enhanced SS Sorting - by Question Response Labels Sort spreadsheet by question responses 09/28/09
Enhanced Spreadsheet Search/Replace Feature Search and replace features in spreadsheet 09/28/09