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All mTAB Support Topics

Title Summary Created date
Using SLICE Enables the export of data at respondent level 06/27/13
Video - Significance Test Adjacent Columns mTAB™ - Significance Test Adj Columns 07/13/12
Video - Verbatim bi/tri-grams & Porter Stemming Enhanced mTAB™ Verbatim Features 07/13/12
Video - The Addition of Ribbon Menus to mTAB™ mTAB™ - Ribbon Menus 07/13/12
Video - mTAB™ Question Nesting Question Nesting within mTAB™ 07/13/12
Video - mTAB™ Overview of Dec 2011 Release Overview of Dec 2011 mTAB™ Release 07/13/12
Update to the mTAB™ User Interface mTAB™ UI Changes Explained 07/12/12
Question Nesting in mTAB™ The ability to Nest questions one inside another. 07/09/12
Significance Testing - Adjacent Columns Significance Testing of Adjacent Columns 07/06/12
Significance Testing - Top/Bottom Box Significance Testing of Top/Bottom Box Formats 07/06/12
Verbatim Report - Bigrams, Trigrams and Porter Stemming Addition of Bi/Tri-grams and Porter Stemming 07/03/12
How to fix a Java Web Start Error when launching mTAB™ Follow these steps to solve this Java error. 06/29/12
Verbatim Report – Selected Column Tag Cloud Verbatim Report Tag Cloud of Selected Columns 12/01/11
Verbatim Report – Tag Cloud Frequencies Verbatim Report – Tag Cloud Frequency Report 12/01/11
Verbatim Report – Tag Cloud Breadcrumbs Verbatim Tag Cloud Breadcrumbs 12/01/11
Webinar - Verbatim Reporting Using mTAB to better understand survey responses! 01/31/11
Webinar - Sharpen your analysis with our powerful SS Tools! Time saving tips and spreadsheet tools 01/28/11
Error messages when importing a SLICE file into SPSS SPSS does not recognize location of .DAT file 11/22/10
Clearing the mTAB™ Cache Ensuring mTAB™ pulls data from the server 10/18/10
Batch Run Run & Export multiple tabs automatically 02/11/10
Verbatim Tag Clouds View a quick summary of the most popular words 02/11/10
Statistical Formulas Documentation Standard Deviation, Mean & T-Statistic Calculation 02/08/10
Additional folder levels in Studies and MyTabs lists Extra folder levels in Studies and MyTabs lists 11/17/09
Understanding the Icons in mTAB™ A key to mTAB™ icons & the icon structure 10/19/09
Correspondence Analysis What correspondence analysis is and how to use it 10/19/09
SOS/Owner Loyalty/Repurchase Loyalty Background on these complex calculations 10/13/09
Variations in Means / Statistical Calculations Fixing Mean or Statistical Values 10/13/09
How to Find Specific Questions/Responses Find, Search & Verbatim Filtering 10/13/09
Calculating Industry Loyalty Various methods for calculating customer loyalty. 10/06/09
Tab Saving Dialog Enhancements to the Tab Save Dialog. 10/06/09